The cold season is almost here, and in an ideal world, I would curl up in bed and hibernate until spring. Sadly, I have no such luck. They say that summer bodies are made in winter, and as much as I would like to deny it, I acknowledge that it must be true. The fewer hours of daylight in winter combined with miserable, cold, wet weather, makes outdoor exercise much harder. Fortunately, our city is filled with appealing indoor options (that aren’t gym) that will get your heart rate up and endorphins rushing.



The benefits of rock climbing include strengthening your core, building lean muscles, and improving your endurance. A low-impact aerobic workout, rock climbing enhances your cardiovascular system, your hands, fingers, forearms, upper arms, shoulders, neck, and upper back.

The awesome thing is that the route is never the same. Each will challenge you in different ways, both physically and mentally.

Indoor climbing gym, CityRock, based in Observatory caters to all levels; from kids and first-timers to experienced outdoor climbers. City Rock boasts a variety of options such as bouldering (climbing 3–4m high without a rope), an automatic belay wall, and more technical top rope high climbing.

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Where 21 Anson Road, Observatory (map)
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Contact +27 21 447 1326, [email protected],


rushTrampolining is not only good fun; it’s great exercise, too. Rush trampoline park offers a number of activities including different types of fitness classes.

Trampoline aerobics incorporates core training, strength and conditioning exercises with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), all while being low-impact.

The circuit-based courses cater for all levels of ability and fitness. You can burn the equivalent of a burger and chips with just one hour of low-impact trampolining. The knowledgeable instructors will teach you all the skills required to shape up while you have fun.

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Where 3rd floor, Stadium on Main, 104 Main Road, Claremont
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the pole project

More than an exotic art form, pole dancing fitness lessons incorporate an excellent workout that will appeal to your creative side. It’s clear that pole dancers are athletic, so it’s no surprise that Pole Fitness works, builds and tones muscles that you never knew existed. Also, it improves flexibility, balance, coordination, and burns fat. In addition, you will benefit from the endorphin rush, and your confidence and self-esteem will soar. Each fitness session consists of a warm-up, strength conditioning exercises, pole tricks or spins instruction, and a cool down.

Read our feature on the founder of The Pole Project, and be inspired.

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Where First Floor, 117 Roeland Street, CBD
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Contact +27 21 461 0215 or +27 72 354 8959, [email protected],



The Armoury Boxing Club brings the sport back to the city and makes boxing-related physical training available to all ages, genders, and races. Boxing is an incredible all-round workout which draws on everything within you for the most primal purpose – to defend yourself and others. The Ladies That Punch course is a fun programme designed especially for the ladies to burn fat, get in shape, and feel good.

Read our feature with Steve Burke, the owner of The Armoury Boxing Club to learn more.

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Where Buchanan Building, Buchanan Square, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock
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Contact +27 21 461 9141, [email protected],



Any type of yoga is a great indoor fitness activity, but now that temperatures are dropping outdoors, it makes all the more sense to turn up the heat inside. That’s exactly what happens with hot yoga, or Bikram. Devotees practice in a studio heated to around 40°C.

There are many benefits: the higher temperature helps your muscles to ease up which results in greater flexibility. Just one hour can lead to a significant expenditure of energy: about 200 kJ for a 68 kg woman. If you lose weight after a session, remember that it’s only water weight which you will gain back as you rehydrate. Nonetheless, Bikram remains an excellent way to tone your entire body.

Check out our article on Bikram Yoga to find some of the best studios in Cape Town. If hot yoga doesn’t appeal, read our feature to see why The Shala is a prime choice.

So there you have it, five ways to avoid the gym, build your summer body, and learn some new skills!

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