If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all, it is the importance of working together and helping out each other. A local was inspired to make a change by creating a clothing brand to make it that much easier for us all to lend a helping hand.

Umusa Threads is based on helping people in need and supporting inspirational South African causes. Umusa means ‘kindness’ in Zulu, making the name even more fitting.

A specific cause is chosen, and clothing items are sold to benefit that cause. The clothing is usually designed based on the specific cause, but sometimes it may be an irrelevant design.

Umusa Threads donates 70% of the profits from the sales towards the specific cause or person in need, and every item is delivered with a card explaining where the funds are going and why.

The brands founder, Dylan Georgiades, runs the clothing line with his co-founder and mother Diana Georgiades. She heads up the charitable side of the brand and while Dylan runs the business side.

Dylan explains that there were two main inspirations for starting the clothing line.

“The first thing that inspired me was someone who worked as a security guard nearby to where I lived. We would often chat for hours, just listening to his life stories and what he has been through and that he is still able to be positive towards the world and life, ” he said.

“The second thing that motivated me was that I was lucky enough to be brought up in a household where we didn’t have to worry about our next meal. Even though I was brought up in a high income household, I was taught by my parents to never ever take anything for granted and to help others to the best of your ability.”

He would donate a portion of their birthday money to a children’s home every year as a youth, and this greatly shaped him into the adult he is today. He is proud to be able to help others and follow his business aspirations at the same time.

The founders hope to scale the business up and one day even launch a foundation.

“Ultimately we would like to launch the Umusa Threads Foundation, which would focus on helping people in South Africa. We feel this would be the correct step forward because then we can get our hands dirty and get on the ground and help people directly.”

Umusa Threads offers an easy way to support a charitable cause while still getting something tangible out of the deal. This way, you feel the warm and fluffy from helping others in need and you get a cool piece of clothing.

If you’d like to support this worthy brand, visit their website to purchase an item. You can also follow them on social media and spread the news to further the message.

Picture: Instagram / Umusa Threads

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