December holidays are all about frolicking under the warm summer sun and enjoying the simple pleasures that life has to offer. 

It is the one time in the year where we all get to pause, recuperate and spend our days and nights doing what we love. 

Whether it is hosting dinners, parties or spending time alone, December is the perfect time to do just that. 

Mr D Food makes holidaying even easier by removing the unnecessary drudge of holiday hosting and preparing food. No shopping, chopping or cooking. With a few taps on the app, good food is delivered to your doorstep, saving you time and stress. 

Whether it is in front of the television, hosting a party or a date night, the food delivery app is there for every moment and every craving.  

With over 4300 restaurants to choose from, Mr D Food offers a world of options for every occasion. The only stress you will have is picking from the vast array of restaurants.


That is why Mr D Food has put together a helpful guide to help you choose what to order, for whatever holiday mood or occasion: 

Time-alone TV binge 

There is a particular art to ordering food for a tv binge. The key is to get food that can be eaten over a long period, to enjoy as you binge through your favourite tv shows.

Fries, pizza or wings offer the extended longevity to ensure that you are continuously snacking as you watch. 

For some delicious fast-food, we recommend trying out: Bin Rashied, NY Slice or Carlyles On Derry if you are in Gardens.  

The Morning After 

Rough night? Only something greasy or spicy will do. Choose from our array of cafe’s and fast food outlets to ease into the morning with a tasty breakfast. Try out these underrated gems: Giulio’s Cafe, Lunchworks and Smak 

Date night 

Treat yourself with something special for date night. Order from Mr D’luxe, a selection of gourmet restaurants on Mr D Food. 

From Si Cantina Sociale Silo at V&A Waterfront to Ding Dong at Waterkant, D’Luxe is all about the moments you want to spoil yourself with mouthwatering food from popular premium restaurants.

Enjoy a delicious meal from popular fine-dining spots,  Hokey Poke, La Boheme or Dizzy’s if you are in the Camp’s Bay area. 

It’s a celebration! 

The year is over, and there is a lot to celebrate! Order MCC or any other alcoholic beverage from the Checkers Liquorshop outlet on the Mr D Food app and celebrate the end of another successful year. 


Download the Mr D Food app to order whatever you’re craving. Get R50 off your first order. Use the promo code: CAPETOWN50 to claim the deal.  Offer valid until 10 January 2020. 

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