Travelers flying between South Africa and London will now be able to experience British Airways’ new restaurant-style dining experience. This forms part of its Club World – the airline’s long haul business-class service.

Flyers will now be able to make a selection from a new menu of freshly-prepared starters and desserts, which will be served from display trolleys. These meals will also be served on new table settings on all flights between Cape Town, Johannesburg and London.

“There are four starters, including a soup or salad and meat and fish options such as carpaccio and salmon. This is followed by three entrees with choice of beef, fish or a vegetarian dish. There are five dessert choices, including a cheese board,” the airline said.

British Airways added that the menu will also include a carefully curated selection of wine.

“We’ve really focused on attention to detail with the new Club World menu, with the aim of delivering a real restaurant experience in the sky,” said Colin Talbot, head of catering for British Airways. “We’ve considered everything from the flavours and textures, to the look and feel, all of which have to work at altitude. The dishes are designed to pop with taste and the table settings are both elegant and practical, with thought-though details such as stemless wine glasses.”

Talbot said the menu has been extensively tested and on numerous flights, and accordingly refined to make sure the final product is incredibly popular.

Recently, British Airways added White Company bedding to all of its South African flights too.

“The iconic British retailer’s onboard range includes and elegant day cushion, a bespoke, luxuriously soft large pillow, a super-soft woven blanket with satin trim and a specially developed luxury duvet to improve the quality of sleep. A padded mattress cover gives an extra layer of comfort,” the airline said.

It added that the White Company will also supply amenity kits, including their ‘Restore & Relax Spa Collection’, and a soft jersey eye-mask.

“In addition to the product and service improvements in Club World, all customers can also look forward to the latest generation Wi-Fi across British Airways long-haul and short-haul fleets over the next two years,” British Airways said.

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