The legalisation of dagga for personal use in SA has welcomed the innovation of cannabis-infused beer that will be available in local TOPS at Spar stores nationwide on 8 October 2018.

Poison City Brewing, a KwaZulu-Natal based brewing company, has created a cannabis-infused beer called ‘Durban’s Poison’, using hemp seed to provide a unique and wholesome flavour. Poison City was founded in March 2015 and represents the heart and vibrancy of KwaZulu-Natal.

Labelled as ‘cannabis-infused’ the lager does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical responsible for dagga’s psychological effects but instead is infused with hemp seeds.

Poison City replaced some of the hops with hemp which adds a similar flavour.

Co-founder of Poison City shares where the inspiration to create the unique lager came from.

“We at craft beer company started in March 2015 and we are very Durban and KZN proud. This beer that has just been released is a culmination of a lot of other things that we have done,” he said.

The lager was launched before the legalisation of dagga for personal use on 13 September. ‘Durban’s Poison’ will be available at all TOPS Spar stores, Norman Goodfellow stores and on tap at selected venues.

A single bottle will retail at R18,95 and a pack of six will cost R99,95.

The beer is best described by the co-founder of Poison City, Andre Carl Schubert.

“The hemp impacts the beer because it is a premium light lager, known for its dryness and crispness, I haven’t allowed the hemp oil to affect it greatly. It adds a fullness on the tongue and a slightly oily texture on the finish with a light white nutty flavour,” Schubert said.

The easy drinking and refreshing lager has an alcohol content of 4% with a slightly sweet finish.

Picture: Facebook/ Poison City Brewing

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