Gin is a wonderful thing. World Gin Day is just around the corner, so we recently visited The Stack in Cape Town to discover what seasoned mixologist, Owen O’Reilly, does with Musgrave Gin.


Rose Gin Latte

A fabulously floral Rooibos latte spiked with rosewater infused Musgrave pink gin, delicately finished with rose petals.

1 Rooibos Tea Bag
15ml Cinnamon And Orange Syrup
75ml Water
50ml Milk
25ml Fresh Cream
3 Dash Orange Bitters
50ml Musgrave Rose

Cinnamon and Orange Syrup: 1 cup sugar + 1 x cup water on medium heat on the stove. Add 2 Cinnamon quills and the skin of 1 Orange. Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Allow to cool and bottle.

Heat all ingredients in small saucepan to just before boiling point.
Remove from heat and pour from one vessel to another 6 times to allow to cool and thicken. Pour into beautiful tea cups and garnish with dried rose petals.


Videography Monwabisi Chulu Ratsibe / HM Images

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