I’m that person who shares food at restaurants. I always make everyone order different things, and halfway through the meal, we rotate plates so everyone can have a taste. It’s not that I have food envy, it’s just that when I see a great menu, I want to try all the things! Sadly, neither my wallet nor stomach will allow this, so sharing is the next best thing. By some magical divination, Kyoto Garden Sushi anticipated my needs, and combined my love of sharing with my desire for variety and created an incredible tasting meal for two.


My bff/food companion and I had always wanted to try Kyoto Garden. Their sushi is the stuff of legends, and we were eager to try it. When we went to try the tasting menu we were ecstatic to discover that we could anticipate five mouth-watering courses. This gave us a chance to sample some of the menu’s best features, including the sushi.


We started off with Tuna Tartare and Yellow Tail Ceviche. You could choose between the two and given my ‘order different things’ policy we tried both, and they were simply divine. While waiting for the next course, we were given a small selection of veggies with lovely subtle flavours to help balance the strong tastes we had just experienced. Next came best vegetable tempura I have ever had in my entire life. The veggies were cooked to perfection; the batter was crisp, light and not drenched in oil. When I commented on this, the waiter told me how much effort goes into making the vegetable tempura. The chef only fries three veggies at a time to ensure each piece comes out perfectly.


The Chef’s Sushi Plate followed, offering a selection of 12 pieces to share. After one bite I finally understood why people rave about the sushi at Kyoto. If you’ve tried their sushi, you know what I mean when I say it is beyond incredible. If not, you have to experience it to understand. We had a nice break in between the third and fourth course that gave us time to savour what we had just eaten and to have a nice chat. As we sat in the candle-lit restaurant, sipping on cocktails and watching the rain fall outside, we could not help but feel this would make a perfect date. The restaurant is absolutely stunning, the tasting menu offers a number of conversation starters in addition to being delicious and there’s just something intimate about sharing food. It’s what you do with someone special.


The fourth course was a delicious chicken ramen that was so good, my friend who hates soups with a passion, was lapping up the broth not wanting to waste a bit of it. The meal was wonderfully concluded with Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream that we shared. The tasting menu is so well thought out. The portions allow you to enjoy all five courses without becoming too full and bloated. You are treated to a medley of different flavours and are presented with dishes you would not have necessarily have ordered yourself.  The result is a delightful dining adventure to share with someone special.

Monday to Saturday 5:30 – 11 pm
Where 11 Lower Kloof Nek Road, Tamboerskloof
Cost Set menu for two: R390 per person
Contact +27 21 422 2001, kyotogardensushict.com

Photography Claire Gunn


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