There are few ways to explore the Mother City that are as exciting as a gin route. For an evening of adventure, excitement and delicious drinks, take yourself on the Opihr Gin route.

Wandering around Bree Street is always a lovely experience. This inner-city hub is teeming with cafés, restaurants and secret bars. It can be a difficult decision to decide where to spend an evening out on Bree Street but Opihr Gin has just made your decision-making process much easier.

The Opihr Gin route starts at Station on Bree, one of Cape Town’s most enchanting eateries. Designed to resemble the London Underground, the Station is always a good place to start on a night out. Here, your drink will be a simple, sweet and scrumptious “Spicy Clover Club”. The pink drink is topped with foamy, vegan-friendly cellulose, giving the texture of fluffy egg whites but without the smell.

Served in a martini glass, the drink is both refreshing and re-energising. The spices infused in Opihr are prominent. While you get the tongue-tickling burn, it is not overpowering.

The Spicy Clover Club. Image: Imogen Searra

After one or two of these, make your way downtown toward the Capetonian institution that is Burger & Lobster. While this establishment is famous for it’s, you guessed it – burger and lobster, the vegan and vegetarian burger options are equally as notable. If you’re looking for a nibble, or to line your stomach entirely, then definitely make this your dinner spot. The atmosphere is electric, the service is top quality and the food is delectable.

Here, you will order the “Moroccan Mojito”. Again, the botanicals of Opihr Gin are so carefully and meticulously showcased. Using coriander in the mix, the versatility of this gin really knows no bounds. Even for the anti-coriander believers, the Moroccan Mojito will blow your mind. On a warm summer night, this drink brings refuge to the heat while simultaneously quelling your thirst.

Moroccan Mojito. Image: Imogen Searra

You can spend some time here, soaking in the vibe and sipping on the delicious cocktail. If you feel the need to move on, however, next on the route is Secret Gin Bar.

Right around the corner from B&L, through Honest Chocolate Bar, is where you’ll find the Secret Gin Bar.

While not much of a secret anymore, this gorgeous gin gathering place has it’s very own Opihr Gin bar on the second floor. Here, you’ll order the Opihr negroni. Don’t argue, just order it. This is the cocktail that rules all cocktails. The negroni is bold and brilliant. With a subtle nod to the spice, this cocktail really encapsulates how versatile Opihr Gin really is.

The ultimate negroni. Image: Imogen Searra

Image: Unsplash

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Imogen Searra