There is a scene in the film Ratatouille where Remy the rat tries different flavours and it creates a colourful explosion around him. While it may seem silly (this is an animation involving a chef rat after all), for the longest time I have wanted to experience this. I wanted to eat something so mind-blowingly delicious it overwhelms me with magic, happiness and pure satisfaction. Thanks to Burger & Lobster, I finally have.


By now you would have seen the black building with the giant Burger & Lobster sign in Bree Street, aka Cape Town’s hottest restaurant strip. In case you’re wondering, no it’s not affiliated with international Burger & Lobster chain, although it is inspired by it. Anthony Protoulis, part owner of the restaurant, says they decided to bring the concept to South Africa because there was nothing like it in the country.


If you are not familiar with the brand, the concept is quite simple. There are only three items on the menu, a burger, lobster roll and full lobster. Yes, it’s a peculiar menu and yes its strange to only have three choices when eating out, but it also refreshing not to be overwhelmed by options when selecting a meal. Anthony says even though the menu is simple, a lot of hard work goes into ensuring the meals are as delicious as possible. What can be made on the premises is made there. This includes the rolls, burgers, dressings and even a cheese that goes on the burger.


The Burger is a 250g steak patty with gherkins, bacon and two different cheeses. A lobster roll consists of lobster tails in a brioche, dressed with Japanese mayonnaise. For those who want the lobster, you get it fresh from the tank and can have it steamed or steamed and grilled. The price of the lobster depends on its size. All dishes come with chips and salad – not a few leaves that’s basically garnish, but a proper salad with Parmesan, croutons and a divine balsamic-reduction dressing.


I tired both the burger and lobster roll, thanks to the half and half option that allows two people to share both dishes. Remember Remy the mouse? Literally everything on my plate made me feel like that. Individually, every component (even the rolls) were full of flavour. Together they created pure magic!

The awesomeness did not stop there. Burger & Lobster have an impressive array of desserts. I tried the Oreo and Nutella cheesecake and it’s way more delicious than it sounds. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. It is without a doubt the BEST (yes all caps are necessary) cheesecake I have ever had. The time and effort Burger & Lobster put into their food clearly shows. It’s just so decadent and delicious, it will take you to a whole other dining level.


This flavour mastery is something they are going to extend to a cocktail bar once their liquor license comes through. Never fear, you are welcome to take your own booze while they wait for their license. Anthony says the cocktail bar will have all the staples, but there will be a focus on mixology and experimental drinks. This combined with the super cool décor, atmosphere and  awesome music means Burger & Lobster are all set to be the hottest dining spot in town. I heard a rumour about a cocktail involving bacon and I cannot wait! Until then, the incredible food is enough to entice you to enter that big black door. Trust me, you’ll experience a flavour explosion unlike any other, just like Remy!


Burger & Lobster have received their Liquor Licence. As of 31 August 2016, the BOYB policy has stopped and customers will be charged R50 corkage is they bring their own wine. 

When Monday to Saturday 11 am – 11 pm
Where 105 Bree Street, CBD
Cost R129 – R 860
Contact +27 21 422 4297, [email protected]

Photography courtesy Annzra Denita and Burger & Lobster

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