GOLD Restaurant is a multi-level, African-dining icon and major attraction in Cape Town. Being curious and wanting to learn more about our continent’s cuisine as a whole, I visited the Green Point restaurant last week to sample the tastiest, most recommended dishes across Africa.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Interactive dining is what GOLD is about.

The factory-come-nightclub-come-restaurant once known as Trinity is open seven days a week in the evening from 6 pm. It is every night that a delectable 14-course meal is served to guests – booking is essential as this is a popular dinner destination for visiting tour groups.

GOLD Restaurant Drumming

Upon our arrival we were whisked away into a djembe drumming circle, where a really musically talented head of the circle taught us the way of the drum. After that, we partook in a traditional hand cleansing ceremony conducted by maidens in traditional attire.

The 14 courses are broken down into starters, mains and dessert, with a number of African nations represented through these courses. Every three months the menu changes and we got to sample the new menu that was launched two weeks ago – a menu that has changed my perception about cuisine from neighbouring African nations I previously knew little about.

South Africa features prominently on the menu too, with a hearty tomato soup presented as a starter (the smoked snoek frikkadels are worthy of a mention as well), creamy pap as an entrée side and Cape Malay boeber for dessert.

IMG_2441 IMG_2443 IMG_2465

During the feast I was particularly fond of the Ghanian groundnut chicken, Ethiopian lentil stew and Congolese spinach, a creamy spinach dish revved up with sliced peppers. Throughout the night there were four shows that took place for guests, consisting of traditional song and dance to further add to the authentic African experience. By the time the last course was finished, we all found ourselves dancing with the staff. A fun way to end off the night!

GOLD Restaurant Dancing IMG_2466

GOLD is perfect not only for tourists wanting to experience the best of Africa, but for locals too who would like to expand their horizons about our beloved continent along with its customs and cuisine.

Where 15 Bennet Street, Green Point
Contact +27 21 421 4653,


Photography Bev Klein

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