Sometimes good things can come from the unexpected. Look at the discovery of penicillin, potato chips and even the Slinky. All of these were mistakes at first, but paid off to be remarkable products. This was the case with beer brewed by Scottish beermakers Innis & Gunn.

Established in Scotland in 2003, the beer was initially used as an experiment to enhance the flavour of oak barrels for whisky-making purposes. The results were desirable but an unexpected, opposite result came about – a beer with a beautiful whisky finish.

It is this beer that has made waves around the world with its unique flavour composition, spinning off other oak-aged varieties within the Innis & Gunn brand – including my favourite, the rum finish. This revolutionary style of brewing beer has contributed to Innis & Gunn picking up several awards, including Grand Gold at the 2014 Monde Selection Awards (Europe’s food and drink equivalent of a Michelin Star).


The Innis & Gunn Rum Finish and Toasted Oak IPA are two beers that are new in South Africa, along with the Original variety, brought here by Truman & Orange.

Look out for Innis & Gunn at Cape Town establishments that take good beer seriously like Bascule Bar, Fat Harry’s, Beerhouse and Banana Jam.

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