From tomorrow, history will be made in Cape Town. Inside & You’re Out Burger (from now on called IYO Burger) opens its Bree Street doors on Thursday 16 April, Last night, I got to review the burger joint ahead of the opening.

The first thing you need to understand about IYO is that they’re really big on conservation and sustainability. Also, they have been operating for a year and a half already as a premier mobile burger shop, found usually at First Thursdays and the Oranjezicht City Farm Market – so the IYO brand is not new per se but rather now reimagined in a permanent space.

Jean Marc and Jonah

Back to the conservation. Owners Jonah Lewis and Jean Marc Lenferna can be described as ‘enviro-foodies’: their love for the community, ethical accessibility and delicious, organic food are the building blocks of the IYO dream.

Every facet of the new eatery has been taken into careful consideration to have as little impact on the environment as possible. All the wood used in IYO is FSC-approved, meaning that for every tree that was cut down and used as timber, another one was planted. The takeaway packaging is compostable, the ordering receipts reusable and recyclable. The meat used is locally sourced and of a very premium quality, with the organic fresh produce also being locally grown and sourced. It’s all about supporting fair trade and just opting to be ethical.

Inside & You're Out Burger
Inside & You’re Out Burger
Ordering your IYO Burger
Ordering your IYO Burger

The bright orange doors are not hard to miss. Walk up a flight of stairs and you’ll be welcomed by the fresh and airy interior, with rows of planters lining the walls, stocked with vegetables and herbs (which are used in the menu). Every table has its own herb planter, creating a very pleasant, natural feeling when seated.

Clear instructions are stated on the walls about how to order your food, and this is the part that requires your undivided attention: IYO is self-ordering and you will need to fill out the same recyclable receipt that we spoke about earlier to place your order. A table number goes at the top, and then selections follow in the three sections below that, broken down into Small Bites, IYO Burgers and Sweeties. Sides need to be circled alongside these so be sure to be mindful when placing your order. I found this system to be different, in a good way. It creates a sense of interactivity between you as the consumer and the person preparing your food.


For the review I kicked off with a Devil’s Peak Blockhouse beer and pulled pork pancakes (layers of smoky pulled pork on gluten-free crumpets with a jar of whiskey-honey on the side, R59). Pork and pancakes are not a combination I’m sure many of you have had often before, but it’s definitely worth further investigation. I found it to be the bomb, with the whiskey-honey sauce being the kicker.

The Umami BBQ was my burger of choice on the night and yes, it was a very tough decision to make. The burger consists of a Boerenkaas cheddar beef patty, topped with pickled cabbage, toasted sesame seeds and peanuts, coriander, hoisin BBQ sauce, wasabi mayo and a yuzu dressing. As you can already tell it was flavour explosion.

Every burger comes with a side and I went with the curly fries – pretty much as good as it gets. Other sides offered are sweet potato fries, kale chips (add R10) and seasonal salad.

To end off the night I ordered a slice of cheesecake, baked in-house and filled with ingredients as healthy as you’re going to get when it comes to cheesecake. For an even healthier option, try the vegan cheesecake – it’s all that and a bag of kale chips (not included).

The Better B.L.T
The Better B.L.T
Pulled Pork Pancakes
Pulled Pork Pancakes
Bunless Balsamic Beet-It Veg Burger
A wicked bun-free option is available for all burgers

When IYO opens its doors tomorrow, it will be more than just another burger bar offering Cape Town what it has already. Instead, I predict that this will be the start of a movement towards more ‘green’ fast food eateries in the city. Eateries that are uncomplicated, quick and painless. And super healthy. You have our support, IYO.

 103 Bree Street , CBD
Cost Burgers start at R58 and go up to R87 (check out the menu)
Contact +27 21 422 1313,[email protected]

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