There’s no shortage of wine tastings and drink routes in Cape Town, but if you find your thirst for gin tastings unquenched,the Pepper Club Hotel and Spa has just what you need, welcome to the Cape Town Gin Route.

Our love for gin never seems to fade, and the Cape Town Gin Route aims to highlight the best in locally made gin in a fun, interactive full day tour and tasting.

The route was officially launched on Saturday, and kicks off at the Pepper Club Hotel and Spa before moving on to Hope on Hopkins and Musgrave Gin. Woodstock Gin Company, New Harbour Distillery, Pienaar & Son are next on the tour. And the grande finale is the Cape Town Gin Company. You will even get a chance to create your own gin, to test out your ginilogy (not a real word, but sounds good).

General Manager of the Pepperclub Hotel and Spa, Efi Ella, is elated at the launch of the brand new drink route.

“As a proudly inner-city hotel, we saw this as an opportunity to celebrate the exceptional gin that is being produced locally – which, we would argue is even better that its international counterparts. We are honoured to be associated with these incredible distilleries and provide a platform where users can plan their own journey of gin discovery, that is likely right on their doorstep,” said Ella

Along the route visitors can enjoy 6 lively and local distilleries offering 20 different infusions of gin proudly made in the Mother City.

Cape Town Gin Route Map

Here are the Gin distilleries along the route you will get to indulge in.


Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company

Handcrafted gin reflects the unique essence and vibrant diversity of the Mother City. We can highly recommend The Pink Lady, with a light pink salmon colour, infused with Hibiscus flowers and Rose petals, and a heavenly hint of Rose water.


Hope on Hopkins

This artisanal distillery prides itself in making gins from scratch. Carefully selecting the highest quality products, one of the very few distilleries using barley as a base for their spirits. We can highly recommend the Mediterranean Gin, made from a triple distilled grape spirit and inspired by flavours from the Mediterranean. Infused with olives, rosemary, basil, thyme and cardamom with overriding citrus notes and hints of juniper.


Musgrave Gin

Musgrave Gin is no ordinary spirit, it is a gin that is celebrated for its top notes of cardamom, African ginger and Grains of Paradise. Inspired by a spirit of endevour, adventure and courage, you can taste in every sip.


New Harbour Distillery

An experimental micro distillery pursuing artisan small batch spirits influenced by nature, which combines botany, science and alchemy to create an innovative gin. We can highly recommend the Rooibos infused gin.


Pienaar & Son

A small craft distillery that goes about its business finding fresh ways of creating and introducing people to quality, modern spirits. This father and son team believe in starting traditions, not following them. We highly recommend The Orient, a unique gin made for South African maize, infused with botanicals carefully selected to pay homage to the Eastern spice trade that influenced Cape Town culture and cuisine alike.


Woodstock Gin Company

Fynbos-infused South African gin made with passion and careful attention. We recommend the High Tea Gin, a refreshingly complex gin with lingering undertones of rooibos and honeybush, which are added post distillation.   With such a wide assortment of GINtastic options, this tour promises to please.

Address: Loop St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8005
Contact: 021 812 8888
Website:  Picture: Pixabay

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