From the moment you step into this ‘tucked away in the corner’ cafe in Cavendish Square, you’re gone. Kahvé Road is all about the journey – a sensory coffee journey. Get ready to escape.

Kahvé, as founder and CEO Rithen Ramlal explained, was the first name given to coffee in Turkey when the Turks and Hungarians first started chewing on the leaves and beans of coffee and ‘Road’ is the symbolic journey of its worldwide travel. However, this sophisticated and retro-chic coffee shop looks far from Turkish, the dark wood accents, leather, and velvet seats make you feel like you’re in some small cafe far away. While soft music plays in the background, it almost feels as if you’re in a patisserie in Paris.

“At Kahvé Road, we acknowledge that coffee is no longer just this daily routine. Instead, it is a daily ritual and ultimately a lifestyle choice.”

The eatery boasts a variety of daily indulgences from delicious gourmet taste combinations to premium coffees, patisseries and gourmet cuisines, the attentive service and the halaal certification. They made sure they’ve covered all their bases.

“As a brand, we pay homage to the true journey of coffee, from crop to perfect cup. It matters to us that we source only the finest coffee beans in the world, it matters that they are ethically sourced and that we support sustainable farming communities. It matters to us that our capsules are recyclable.”

Firstly, when you are asked what to drink, do not expect to get any third party brands sold there. So no ordering a Coke or Appletiser. Instead, I would recommend you try any one of the cold brews. My favourite was the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. This 15-hour cold brewed coffee, infused with nitrogen does give you a bit of a kick, with a smooth finish, but if you’re a coffee enthusiast, you will love it.

If you’re more of a tea person, don’t be put off by all the coffee. Try their uniquely spiced-infused signature Rooibos blends. Lunchin, our waiter recommended I have the Red Rooibos Flat White. Similar to the coffee quality, they use only Premium grade Rooibos in their signature Rooibos blend and have developed a proprietary spice blend to elevate this great South African heritage to the luxury indulgence. I suggest you leave out the sugar in both your coffee or tea. Taste what you are being served.

As everything was a sensory journey, our well-informed waiter took us through the history of each drink and meal. A massive plus is that the staff, dressed in bow ties and suspenders, are knowledgeable about the product.

Our barista gave us an interesting lesson on coffee after we took a seat at the coffee bar for capsule tasting. The capsule tasting and pairing is highly recommended.

If you’re not going to be lured by the coffees or teas, be lured by their all-day breakfast, ranging from Balkan style yogurt all the way to the perfect Croissant Benedict. I opted for something light and went for the Gourmet Trio of Sliders consisting of coriander lamb, crumbed chicken, and Harissa falafel slider. The plate and meal were well-prepared and presented.

Whether you’re catching a quick coffee with friends or treating the family to lunch out, this proudly South African brand will suit.

If you want to take the experience home, you can do so by purchasing the capsules that come in 5 blends. And if you want to do your part for the environment, bring back your empty capsules, as it get’s recycled and turned into furniture. Their vision is to bridge the gap between third-wave, artisanal coffee and the convenience of a capsule. Their signature range of coffee and rooibos blends are available in Nespresso-compatible capsules (in addition to roasted beans and loose leave tea).

Mission achieved: Upon leaving, you feel well-traveled.

Don’t forget to take some French-inspired pastries on your way out.

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