There are still plenty of warm days ahead of us and there’s nothing better than celebrating with an icy cold treat. You can trust creative and health conscious Capetonians to come up with ice cream that anyone can enjoy, regardless of dietary preferences.

We were impressed with sugar-free protein ice cream, and now Phat Fox brings us a healthy vegan iced treat that is also free from sugar.

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Vegan ice cream, you say? Isn’t that, like, sorbet? No way! Phat Fox is expressly trying to move away from the sorbet label. They are going for a creamier consistency. The Phat Fox team is forever playing with their food – trying out new dairy-free alternatives in a quest to make the best and kindest ice cream.

I’m one of those people who love it when packaged foods have a short list of ingredients that I can understand. Phat Fox ‘ice cream’ is made from coconut milk, coconut cream, xylitol and natural flavourings (organic and locally sourced where possible). The secret lies in the preparation and method, which results in a smooth, creamy consistency.


I tried the chocolate variety which has undertones of coconut and was everything I could want from ice cream. Another thing I loved about it, is that it didn’t leave me with ‘dairy throat’ – you know, that tickly feeling that makes you cough and splutter after eating ice cream or milkshake. My top tip: If you can resist, let your Phat Fox defrost a little at room temperature. It softens up and acquires a more moussy texture.

Phat Fox comes in vanilla, chocolate, and peanut butter varieties. They feature a unique flavour every month based on seasonal fruits or special occasions. I’m sad I missed out on last month’s hot cross bun infusion! Follow them on Facebook to avoid missing out on special flavour updates. Their signature collection also comes with an optional pea protein boost as a small additional cost. So there you have it – vegan, no sugar, high protein, and delicious!


You can get your fix of Phat Fox at Rodgers Fruiterers Peach Pip Market on the first Saturday of every month from 10 am to 3 pm. The Phat Fox home is in Constantia so you could arrange a pickup or delivery in your area, or from a supplier in your locale. Get in touch with them and let them make your healthy ice cream dreams come true!

Where The Hungry Herbivore: Market on the Wharf at V&A Waterfront; Rodgers Fruiterers: Kommetjie Road, Kommetjie
Cost ±R35 (125 ml), ±R110 (500 ml), 1-litre tubs to order
Contact +27 82 545 2695, +27 82 455 4233, [email protected]

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