The Mother City’s gin lovers will now be able to play a role in the conservation of the Cape’s water by indulging in what Pienaar & Son is calling their “Drought Edition” gin.

Pienaar & Son distillery, located on the CBD’s Roeland Street, has announced the release of its Drought Edition versions of each of its gins, which saves 500ml of water for each 750ml bottle produced.

During the production process, gin comes off the still with an 80% alcohol content. The next step would usually involve adding approximately 200 litres of water to the batch to dilute the alcohol content to a strength of 43%. In the production of the Drought Gins, this step is skipped and is bottled during the initial stilling phase. This new stilling process was inspired by the severe drought Cape Town is currently facing.

The 80% alcohol content makes this the most powerful gin not just locally, but internationally as well.

Pienaar & Son Drought Edition Gin is on sale from Monday, 26th of February 2018.
Picture courtesy of Pienaar & Son

According to Andre Pienaar, founder of Pienaar & Son, it shouldn’t be too strong when diluted with tonic. A single shot of Drought Gin is equivalent to a double shot of their usual 43% alcohol content gin. He says that over half the bottle of 43% diluted gin is water, which doesn’t add any flavor. Instead, it just dilutes the alcohol to a sipping strength, which according to Pienaar, is pointless as many drinkers are inclined to pour themselves a double shot anyway.

When gin is diluted to 43%, it’s flavor is diluted as well. A single shot of Drought Edition gin will be as flavorsome as a a double shot of normal gin when enjoyed with a tonic.

Pienaar is well aware that the distilling industry uses a lot of water, and he would like to make an effort to save water within his own business. “I am well aware of the fact that our industry uses a lot of water and maybe the water saved through this initiative will hardly make a dent, but thats not the point. The point is that no one, and no business is exempt from trying to make a difference in this difficult time. No matter how big or how small,” says Pienaar.

Pienaar & Son’s Drought Edition Gin is available February 26 and can be purchased from any bottle store or online at


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