The cold winter days of June have finally broken into Cape Town, and with each morning being greeted with a more bitter beginning than the one before, we’re in need of some reinforcements. That’s why Tribe Coffee has launched a brand new winter menu – bearing your shivering hands and chattering teeth in mind.

Friday morning saw us at breakfast, trying out the new winter menu, and boy, were we pleased (and considerably stuffed at the end of the meal). Sitting in the motorcycle-come-coffee shop, we sat down to a frothy flat white as the winter sun shone through the large windows on the face of Tribe Coffee, barely enough to warm us up on the grey winter day.

Tribe Coffee's flat white.
Tribe Coffee’s flat white.

After a few sips of sparkling water to cleanse the palate, we started off the morning pretty healthily. An orange and carrot juice to start, with a dash of lemon. This is not your average OJ in the morning, the orange-carrot juice was the perfect blend of sweetness and acidity, with a smooth consistency and zero sign of pulp.

Our first solid food of the day was the Bircher Muesli Brekkie made with fresh fruit, handmade granola, greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. The freshness was the winning agent in this dish, with the components kept simple and delicious in their own natural state.

Taster portion of Tribe’s handmade bircher muesli.

Moving onto our second breakfast (there’s always space for a second breakfast), we dug into Bertha’s Egg Florentine, a scrumptious tower of fresh bread, wilted spinach, salmon, a poached egg and a delectable pour of hollandaise over it all. Where one simply can’t go wrong with an eggs benedict, you can certainly make it better with a piece of fresh, creamy salmon.

Coffee time! Before we could take on our third breakfast of the morning, we needed to regroup with another cup of coffee. We were treated to Tribe’s signature Macchiato – a shot of chocolate, nutty espresso topped with froth. The caffeinated goodness went down easily and had us coffee addicts wanting another, but it was time to move onto breakfast number three.

Always take one for the road.
Always take one for the road.

Mushroom Bruschetta was next on the list and it tasted just as delicious as it sounds. Herb fried mushrooms infused with garlic with two poached eggs adorning an absolutely delectable piece of bruchetta. The dish is a treat of garlicky goodness, perfectly complimented by mushrooms and herbs.

Three courses down and we weren’t done yet. Before our last course of the morning, we stopped to enjoy another fresh juice. An apple and ginger juice, with a touch of lemon to cleanse our palates once more was served. Equally as delicious as the orange and carrot, but a more green flavour and tease of spicy ginger.

Last, but most certainly not least, the French Toast with Berry Compote. The majority of the tables’ personal favourite dish boasted a fluffy french toast made with ciabtta, with a delicate crisp outside that concealed a soft, cloud of bread within. The sweetness of the french toast is cut by the tart berry compote, making for a surprisingly complex flavoured breakfast-dessert. With a sprinkle of powdered sugar to top, this is the breakfast we seriously suggest you tackle at least once a week this winter.

More about Tribe Coffee Roasting

Tribe Coffee has a R15 coffee special that runs every morning from 6h30am til 9h00am. You can also find Tribe coffee blends at some of your favourite South African top restaurants, hotels and companies. You can have Tribe’s luxury coffee blends at home by buying online here or here, or from several retail stores around Cape Town.

If you’re in need of something slightly more potent than coffee (and if it’s past 12h00pm), Tribe has some great red and white wines from Publik wines on offer, as well as gin from Hope on Hopkins and some beer from their friends at Atlantic Storm, Jack Black and more.



When Tribe 112 is open Monday to Friday, 7h00am – 17hoopm. Saturdays and public holidays 8h00am – 12h00pm. Closed 25 & 26 December, 1 & 2 January and on the Easter Weekend.
Where Tribe 112 is situated at Donford Motorrad, 112 Buitengracht Street, Tribe Woodstock is situated at The Woodstock Foundry, 160 Albert Road
Cost Tribe 112 and Tribe Woodstock’s food menu ranges from R40 – R80. Don’t forget you can grab a cup of coffee for R15 in the early AM!
Contact +27 72 736 6142 (Tribe 112), +27 21 448 3362 (Tribe Woodstock), [email protected]

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