Popular South African hotel chain, Tsogo Sun has decided to take a stand against plastic pollution by no longer serving straws at all of its establishments.

The hotel brand operates more than 100 hotels and 13 casinos in South Africa, with 12 hotels located in Cape Town. The chain announced on Tuesday that it will be joining the global campaign against straws.

The hotel has decided to make the move towards a greener environment as the use of plastic straws is harmful to the environment and oceanic life.

Tsogo Sun Hotel said in a statement that plastic straws are not recyclable as they are too lightweight to be processed and end up in the ocean, polluting the water and resulting in the death of marine life

Tsogo Sun Hotel’s chief operating officer, Ravi Nadasen told TIMES live they are concerned about the impact of straws on the ecosystem.

“When you consider that one plastic straw takes 500 years to decompose‚ if we continue to use straws as we do‚ by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish‚” he said.

According to Two Oceans Aquarium, plastic straws are unable to biodegrade and drinking straws are made from crude oil which means that plastic uses 8% of the worlds resources, contributing to global climate change.

This move comes as the Mother City makes its way to a greener status and could be the most sustainable city in South Africa.

The hotel plans to provide alternatives for patrons who require a straw and will be stocking biodegradable straws which can be requested.

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