To me, tea is sacred.

When correctly made, it has a mystical ability to change, soothe or energise your state of mind. This is why I rarely ever drink it when I’m out. Be it at restaurants, cafés or other people’s houses, I’d rather have an average cup of coffee than an average cup of tea. Only the very best infusions will tempt me, and this often involves sitting down for a while nursing a pot. This is absolutely lovely, but what about those days when you are in a rush and just need a quick cup to get going?


Coffee drinkers get wonderfully fragrant brews made from perfectly roasted beans, with a delicate art made in the foam. Take away tea, normally consists of a barista thrusting a teabag into hot water and handing it over. Fortunately, I drink both tea and coffee, so I can grab that beautiful cup of coffee instead of that sad cup of hot leaf juice, but there are so many non-coffee drinkers who are deprived of a good cup of tea on the go…until now.


Jessica Bonin, the mastermind behind Lady Bonin’s Tea has swapped out her tea parlour in Woodstock for the Tea Bar in Long Street, and it’s everything tea lovers have been waiting for. Those familiar with Lady Bonin will know that the tea is absolutely exquisite. Jessica sources the very best teas from all over the world and has created the most incredible infusions.


At the tea bar, you can still purchase her incredible teas for home, pots and accessories for your collection and sit down and enjoy a perfectly made made cup of tea. More importantly, you can run in and grab a cup of tea and head out, just like you would with coffee, only this time you are guaranteed to get a proper, perfect cup of tea. Jessica’s astounding knowledge of tea has allowed her to craft a unique menu that features a variety of teas that will cater to your specific needs. In fact, you should have a conversation with her about tea. Her passion for the history and art of teas is infectious and you will definitly learn something new.


On the menu, you can see which items will give you energy, nutrients, boost your immune system or help with digestion.There are tea lattes, delicious concoctions and the usual suspects for those who want their regulars. There are also a number of tantalising, tea infused treats you can enjoy, like Earl Grey ginger cookies, Rooibos cinnamon pinwheels and Matcha puffs. If you are not sure what you want, Lady Bonin is on hand to recommend the perfect cup that will satisfy your needs.

Finally, tea enthusiasts have their very own tea bar that will rival the best coffee shops in town!

To find out more about the Tea Bar and tea from Lady Bonin herself, listen to this live tea tasting she did on CapeTalk with Africa Melane:

When Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm, Thursday – Saturday 8 am – 2 pm
Where 213 Long Street, CBD
Cost According to menu
Contact +27 83 628 2504, [email protected],

Photography courtesy Annzra Denita and Spill Brand Communications

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