We Capetonians definitely love our coffee and trying it in all of its various forms and blends, so locals will be excited to know of a new, particularly unique café creation: a coffee made without coffee beans.

Founded in Seattle, coffee company Atomo has created a molecular coffee which is not made from coffee beans, something the world has never seen or tasted before. This earth-friendly coffee is made by “reverse-engineering” coffee beans.

The ingredients in the coffee are all naturally derived and sustainable.

Unlike coffee made with beans from commercial farming, Atomo aims at making coffee that does not cause destruction or deforestation.

Co-founder of Atomo and food scientist Dr Jarret Stopforth explains why he decided to work towards creating the molecular coffee.

“I love coffee, but every day I was adding cream and sugar to mask coffee’s bitter flavour.

“By replicating the taste, aroma and mouthfeel of coffee, we’ve designed a better-tasting coffee that’s also better for the environment.”

A study released by Science Magazine at the start of 2019 indicated that 60% of the world’s coffee bean species may go extinct in 50 years due to population growth, climate change and various other factors.

This alarming statistic was part of what prompted the Atomo to create an environmentally-friendly coffee.

The company’s CEO, Andy Kleitch, says the coffee is produced without the need for deforestation or pesticides and does not contain any of the harmful carcinogens produced during the bean roasting process.

“We believe we have a moral obligation to stop harmful coffee farming practices, but none of us want to stop drinking coffee. Atomo’s technology can halt the need for further deforestation by reducing the demand for coffee beans.”

There is no information as to when this new form of coffee will be available in the Mother City, but Atomo is scheduled for commercial release near the end of this year.

Atomo’s coffee can be used in drip machines, French presses, Aeropresses, refillable K-cups, and pourovers.

Atomo coffee being poured.

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