Summer is almost here, which means shave, wax, grow, repeat. The thought of never having to wax or shave again for the rest of your life sounds like an unattainable life goal. That is until laser hair removal was invented. It is not cheap, but if you think longterm it is worth the investment. Lasers are effective because they select and target dark hairs, and leave the skin undamaged.

Start off small, maybe try your underarms first to understand the procedure better and then go full throttle. When I arrived at The Laser Beautique in Sea Point, I am greeted by kind eyes behind a face mask. Strict protocols are followed to ensure the most hygienic practices are adhered to. After a temperature check and an explanation of the procedure, I am ready for my first laser hair removal treatment.

My beauty therapist, Stephanie May, preps my underarms, slathers on a cold gel and uses the machine to zap the roots. Highly concentrated beams of light are released into the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorb the light and in turn destroys the hair, rendering the area hairless.

If you’re ticklish you will have to grin and bear bear it. You can definitely feel the shocks of electricity. May goes over my underarms several times with the laser machine. Minutes later she changes over to the the next underarm and we are done in no time. It is nothing like what I expected it to be, and everything I hoped it would be. The discomfort is completely bearable.

A follow-up appointment is scheduled for a month from the first treatment and you are on your way. Easy-peasy. You are required to have anything between 6-10 treatments for the procedure to work effectively.

The benefits of not shaving or waxing again are too many to count.

What you should know about the treatment:
1. To prepare for your treatment you should shave, not wax, the area 24 hours before your laser removal.
2. Many patients experience permanent hair loss after three or four treatments, but this is dependent on the person.
3. Prior to your treatment, you should
limit plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for six weeks. The laser targets roots, which are sometimes removed by plucking and waxing.
4. Try and limit your exposure to the sun before and after all laser treatments. The sun makes the treatment less effective and could also cause complications.

For more information or to book an appointment you can contact The Laser Beautique in Sea Point, they have specials for the month of October so don’t forget to inquire.

Contact: 064 881 1333
Address: 76 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town
Website: The Laser Beautique

 Picture: Pixabay

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