Red Dot Founded by two South African business partners
who started out by selling beauty and personal care products at Green point Flea Market.
Later the two expanded their product range and teamed up with a hair salon in order to make their offerings more accessible to buy.

Red Dot Cosmetics aims to sell affordable and quality cosmetic products to consumers in South Africa – for face, hands, accessories or any skin & body part.

The name ‘Red Dot’ originated from sale prices which are displayed in a red circle, coining the phrase that customers can now get their favorite beauty products at decent prices.

The online store assures to deliver quality products and informative content about health and beauty. Shop items from the comfort of your own home on Red dot’s 100% secured e-commerce platform.  Operating times are Monday-Friday from 9h00-18h00. For online assistance or desperate queries please email [email protected].

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