A 13-year-old boy in the United Kingdom has passed away from the coronavirus. It is believed he is the youngest death in the country.

Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab from Brixton in south London tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, March 27 but unfortunately passed away in King’s College Hospital early on Monday, March 30, according to a London hospital trust.

Kings College Hospital confirmed the death in a statement, saying: “Sadly, a 13-year old boy who tested positive for COVID-19 has passed away, and our thoughts and condolences are with the family at this time. The death has been referred to the Coroner and no further comment will be made.”

In another statement, the boy’s family said, “Ismail started showing symptoms and had difficulties breathing and was admitted to King’s College hospital.

“He was put on a ventilator and then put into an induced coma but sadly died yesterday morning. To our knowledge he had no underlying health conditions. We are beyond devastated.”

Dr Simon Clarke from the University of Reading urges people to remember that coronavirus does not only affect the old.

“While the old are much more likely to die from coronavirus infection, the young are certainly not immune from it,” said Clarke.

“This is a reminder that we must take the advice of health officials seriously to stay at home, wash hands, and keep well away from all other people. The message so far has seemed to be that by following the guidance, you might save the life of a cherished parent or grandparent. This case could yet remind us that staying home could also save the life of a cherished child or grandchild too.”

As of today, April 1, the UK has 25 150 confirmed cases and 1 789 people have died. 135 people have recovered thus far.

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