Cape Town – A sweltering high of 39°C has been forecast for the Mother City today.

Compared to Wednesday’s unbearable maximum of 32°C, Thursday’s conditions are are going to be worse. Central Cape Town can expect the mercury to rise just short of 40°C, while Malmesbury and Worcester are set for 40°C spells by afternoon.

Up the West Coast, Vredendal is bracing itself for a blazing 46°C – hot enough to unofficially declare it a holiday for locals to take respite from the heat.

The current heatwave is expected to subside by the weekend, with a high of 25°C predicted on Saturday.

Here are 7 tips on how to stay hydrated and safe during the heatwave:

1. Keep a large water bottle filled at all times to stay hydrated.
2. Eat fruits and vegetables, they are a great source of water and keep you healthy.
3. Drink a glass of water before each meal.
4. After a visit to the bathroom, drink a glass of water to replenish lost fluids.
5. Try and stay away from energy drinks, they are high in sugar and stimulants and can be counterproductive to staying hydrated.
6. Wear light clothes, and take breaks from being outdoors in the heat. Long periods of exposure can be dangerous.
7. Use sunscreen when you are in the sun.



Photography Unsplash

Article written by

Justin Williams

Justin Williams is a born-and-bred Capetonian with a flair for writing. His icons include the late South African authors Lawrence Green, Eric Rosenthal and T.V. Bulpin, literary figures who continuously inspire him to cover the avenues of lifestyle, travel and nature in a local context. When Justin's not covering a story, he can be found in the mountains - he's a renowned wild food forager and is currently learning herbalism.