The Medicines Control Council of South Africa has said this week that if cannabis is legalised for medicinal and research purposes in South Africa, strict enforcement will be required. The Council briefed Parliament on its framework for medicinal cannabis access in the country on Wednesday.

Griffith Molewa, law enforcement officer at the Medical Controls Council, said cannabis should be regulated just like any other schedule six medicine.

“We have put measures that schedule six substances have to be put under lock and key and they need to be registered at the pharmacy when despensing,” said Molewa.

“Also when it comes to manufacturing of schedule six substances, they need to be under lock and key. This is the kind of enforcement we are talking about.”

Molewa said the Medical Controls Council wants to ensure proper control through the entire process.

“When it comes to the medical arena we want to ensure that from the grower to whoever is going to do the extraction, to the wholesaler and retailer, that supply chain is properly controlled all the way down,” said Molewa.

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