Absa has launched a game in conjunction with Snapchat which aims to teach young South Africans about the value of money management. The game makes use of augmented reality to teach the player investment tips that prepares them for the working world.

Unlike most Snapchat augmented reality experiences, which refresh when the user returns, the Absa game will remember the user for 15 days to create a continuous and more well-rounded experience.

To play the game, you will need to open the Snapchat lens by making use of this link. If you are accessing the link via a computer, the ‘snapcode’ must be snapped.

The game operates similarly to the popular Tamagotchis that took the 90s by storm, as you will have a pet lion to care for. The health of the lion is linked to the interest received in the player’s money account balance. Simple steps such as reading a banking tip also earns the player more credit.

The goal is to earn as much play money credit as possible before the game finishes.

“The partnership with Snapchat provided an opportunity to not only embrace new technologies but moreover communicate with a younger generation about the conventions of banking,” said Absa.

The game will be accessible on Snapchat between December 5 and December 16.

Picture: Pixabay

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