It’s another sad day for Cape Town as the institution that is Aces’n’Spades in Hout Street has announced they will shut their doors after an incredible eight years in the nightlife scene.

In a Facebook post, the owners describe their heartbreak over having to shut down.

“It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Aces’n’Spades, our home of 8 years. We are still at a loss for words. It was our home, your home, it was the place where we made some of our closest friends and favourite enemies, where we met husbands and wives. It has been such a privilege meeting you all, we will carry this experience forever,” they wrote.
Aces 'n Spades Bar shuts its doors
The bar was popular among Capetonians. Credit: Facebook / Aces’n’Spades

“Aces was a passion project and labour of love from its inception right up until the final day. The dream was to keep the genre of rock and roll and independent music alive. A place we could go for fun-filled nights out with like-minded people, meet-ups with friends, and late-night conversations, all while rocking out to our favorite tunes with careless abandon.”

Aces’n’Spades was well known for showcasing the local music scene, and hosted many live shows over the years.

The owners explain: “Our intentions with Aces’nSpades revolved around making memorable moments for all involved, moments that would outlast the experience, creating crazy beautiful memories to last forever. We have faith that this was achieved many times over when we look back and reflect over our own memories made and we believe these moments will forever be burnt into our psyche.”

Aces 'n Spades Bar shuts its doors
Their live music was a major attraction. Credit: Facebook / Aces ‘n Spades
Aces 'n Spades Bar shuts its doors
They showcased many local musicians. Credit: Facebook / Aces ‘n Spades
“For the past 8 years, we were honoured to be part of the nightlife community, both within our immediate inner-city Cape Town neighborhood, as well as that of the larger rock and roll world. From the live music and events, we have facilitated and the friendships we’ve formed with our regulars to the special vibes shared with visitors from far away, we have always appreciated being part of your lives and the opportunity to share our mutual love of Loud Music, Strong Drinks and Bad Company,” continued the post.

The owners thank their team members for their hard work and dedication, as well as all the party-goers who have spent their evenings at the bar over the years.

“You were the reason we woke up in the morning to make every night unforgettable. We continue to be grateful for your undying loyalty and love. Shine on, you crazy diamonds…Until we all meet again – stay safe, healthy, and strong. Oh, and rock on!” they concluded.

Many fans were heartbroken at the news, and expressed their sadness in the comments.

“This is very, very sad. It was one of the places I was looking forward to going back to when can. You have support. I hope one day you can find a new life and we can meet again with some good music and people. I’m sorry,” writes one fan.

“I have no words, I am gutted yet proud to have made many memories (some I can’t remember) in that LEGEND of a place. Thank you!” commented another.

Picture: Facebook / Aces’n’Spades

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