The alleged Bishops rape video that was circulated on social media this week has turned out to be a sick prank. Its shocking contents still calls into question both the parents and school of those involved.

The question at hand: how are students of such a prestigious institution so ignorant of the seriousness of rape?

According to the Weekend Argus, Bishops College has launched an investigation into the video, which shows a victim screaming while another student films the “rape” laughing. Both boys are 15-years-old.

“Where the conduct of our learners is inappropriate or amounts to a serious charge of misconduct the school will not hesitate to act immediately,” said Bishops to the Weekend Argus.

“We therefore urge all involved to treat social media claims with caution and sensitivity until the truth and accuracy of the incident is determined,” continued the College.

However, where is the sensitivity displayed by the children themselves?

Executive director of the Independent Schools of Southern Africa, Lebogang Montjane, said they had spoken to Bishops. After preliminary investigations, it was found that no rape had taken place. No “real” rape that is.

“No rape happened. The rape was simulated, it was two boys mocking around, children will be children,” he added.

It is horrific to learn that we live in an era that school boys “being boys” can justify making a mockery of rape.

Gender activist, Lisa Vetten, told the Weekend Argus that circulating the video on social media is child pornography and is a sexual offence.

“It is a crime at a different level because who had circulated the video and why, and why would you want to make a video of you raping or being raped?” she continued.

Vetten said in the Weekend Argus that this all pointed to the way society looks at rape, because now that it was two boys it was not a big thing, they were just playing.

Schools and parents should teach children about the seriousness of rape and how to use social media responsibly, she concluded.

This is not the first time Bishops has been rocked by allegations of sexual-misconduct. Teacher, Fiona Viotti was said to have relationships with multiple students from 2013 to 2019.

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