The Department of Justice and Correctional Services confirmed that all escapees from the Malmesbury Remand Detention Facility have been re-arrested.

The 68 escapees managed to overpower guards on Friday, July 24 and escaped the prison during the physical exercise period.

According to SABCthe prison initially thought there were 69 escapees, but it was later discovered that one prisoner was still in the facility. The prisoner was in fact in the wrong cell, bringing the number of escapees down to 68.

Throughout Saturday, July 25 SAPS and the Department worked to re-capture the prisoners.

One prisoner handed himself over tot he authorities and the final three were captured during the evening.

Minister of Justice Ronald Lamola visited the prison on July 25 and said that the re-arrested prisoners were taken to maximum security facilities rather than being returned to Malmesbury.

“These kinds of acts will never be tolerated in any of our cells,” he said, “They must be disciplined and their must be protection and respect of the rule of law.”

Lamola has thanked all role players and community members for their willingness to assist law enforcement agencies, as well as correctional staff for restoring stability.

Picture: @Chrispin_JPhiri/Twitter

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