Thousands of commuters are left without a way home or to work after Metro has suspended all of the trains in the Western Cape as of Thursday, February 27.

The suspension came as a surprise to locals without any forewarning from the rail service. Metrorail announced shortly after the afternoon commute today that trains across the province will be temporarily suspended with immediate effect due to Eskom disconnecting the traction supply.

“Eskom declared Metrorail a priority user at the start of load shedding and a cut of traction power is unprecedented,” it said in a statement.

Urgent discussion between Prasa and Eskom are reportedly underway as the two companies seek a sustainable solution to the problem.

The disconnection of the power for the traction supply is due to an odd 34 days of overdue payment on Metrorail’s part.

According to Prasa, the process to make payment is currently underway and it is optimistic that the services will be restored shortly.

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