Paarl’s Tourism Office has adopted an adorable baby alpaca. Mother Barbie gave birth to the lanky baby named Rona last week, and the Tourism staff can’t wait to see the pair in person.

Mother Barbie and baby Rona are healthy in Paarl (Source: Paarl Tourism Office)

“We have witnessed amazing stories over the last two months of how Mother Nature continues her healing process. This in turn brings us a certain level of happiness and enjoyment in uncertain times. Paarl is fortunate to have a number of wild life reserves that contributes to the area’s diverse and welcoming nature offerings,” the Paarl tourism office said via a statement.

The Alpaca Loom Coffee Shop and Weaving Studio is one of their most popular destinations, especially this time of the year as they are welcoming new cuddly crias (babies). They have been breeding alpacas since 2004 and is now home to over 300 animals. They have also created an online shop, where members of the public can contribute to the upkeep of the herd by donating a bale or two of hay.

As no visitors are currently allowed at the farm, it means no income to feed the growing herd. There are also three different packages available to adopt one of these furry friends. Adoptive parents can name them and visit them during a barn tour once travel restrictions are listed. Regular Facebook updates are also done on their progress. Visit for donations or adoption procedures. 

Despite the national lockdown, animal lovers can continue to enjoy various encounters in Paarl, although they might be of virtual nature.

“Even our reptiles can use support. Don’t miss out on the epic Africa’s Deadliest Reptile event on Saturday, May 16, as our popular reptile show goes live. Watch as experienced reptile handlers unveil myths and facts about some of Africa’s most dangerous reptiles – all while handling them during this 40-minute interactive, live-streamed show,” Paarl Tourism said.

Ticket holders qualify for entries to Le Bonheur and Reptile Garden after lockdown! Book now at [email protected].  You can also pre-book a reptile tour at Le Bonheur Reptile Adventures now and receive a 50% discount. Proceeds will go towards feeding and caring for the reptiles. Ticket holders qualify for a guided tour of the croc pond, entry to the snake centre and a snake feeding show after lockdown.

Butterfly World Animal Sanctuary is also offering discount prices for online vouchers, which can be redeemed after the lockdown. The vouchers will be valid for a year.

Send a message on Facebook @The Animal Sanctuary on Route 44 to buy a voucher or make a donation via paypal or EFT to support their 25 year legacy. Alternatively visit .

Visit for donations or adoption procedures. Follow the links to see how you can also support Le Bonheur Reptile Adventures, The Animal Sanctuary on Route 44 and Ashia.

Picture: Paarl Tourism Office

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