The African National Congress has announced that it will take action against South African musician Steve Hofmeyr after it had emerged that he had “issued death threats” against the country’s ambassador to Denmark, Zindzi Mandela-Hlongwane and Democratic Alliance (DA) Member of Parliament (MP) Phumzile Van Damme.

“ANC will tomorrow, Thursday, 20 June 2019 lay criminal charges against Steve Hofmeyr for his racist and inhumane rants on Social Media which smacks of barbarism, white supremacy and toxic masculinity,” the ruling party said in an official statement. “His string of social media posts denigrating Mandela-Hlongwane and Van Damme hark back to the crude apartheid past and something that no South African should tolerate. This in our eyes demonstrates white arrogance and is a textbook example of white privilege which must be nipped in the bud.”

The ANC added that it urges South Africans to isolate people that continue to promote racism in the country.

“We will therefore continue to campaign fearlessly and tirelessly for the total isolation of apartheid remnants masquerading as advocates of racism at every public opportunity they get,” it said. “Our communities must expose such individuals for who they are and what they stand for.”

The ANC plans to lay a charge of crimen injuria against Steve Hofmeyr on behalf of its member, Mandela-Hlongwane.

“The ANC holds no brief to sympathise with racists, and will not hesitate to report their conduct to authorities regardless of their public standing,” the party said.





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