As an essential service, Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch (AWSS) is open during the COVID-19 Lockdown and will continue to provide the much needed essential healthcare to animals from impoverished communities within Stellenbosch and the surrounding areas.
“We need to be there for the sick and suffering animals during this critical period and for us to do this, we are in urgent need of financial assistance. Authorities have also stated that they will be relocating a lot of residents residing in informal settlements to prevent further outbreaks of the virus – due to this many animals are going to be left homeless, abandoned or will require temporary care for the duration of the pandemic. We anticipate, after the pandemic many animals being surrendered to AWSS due to loss of income and financial difficulties,” Jessica Perrins, AWSS spokesperson, said.
“To lighten the lockdown we find ourselves facing and raise much needed income towards our emergency relief fund; the AWSS have put together the #AWSSAll4Paws Challenge,” she added.
The challenge encourages locals to eat a biscuit or drink water from a bowl while on all fours. As with other challenges nominating friends is essential and tagging AWSS is a must too. Donations along with the challenge are welcome.
AWSS has had to cancel or postpone many fundraising events and projects, resulting in a huge loss of much-needed income to keep the clinic and inspectorate operational. The Adoption Centre and their retail outlets are closed to ensure the safety of our staff and the public.
“Income from these activities is essential to enable us to continue treating emergency cases during the next few weeks,” Perrins said.
Picture: Pixabay

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Lucinda Dordley

Lucinda is a hard news writer who occasionally dabbles in lifestyle writing, and recent journalism graduate. She is a proud intersectional feminist, and is passionate about actively creating a world which is free of discrimination and inequality.