Inspector Siviwe Noko also known as ‘the General’ took action at a resident’s house in Ocean view where several dogs were found chained and starving.

These chained dogs were left with no access to food or water for a great period of time. They survived on little scraps or what they could reach while being on chains so shorts they could barely move anywhere.

Anonymous tip-off leads SPCA to the rescue of chained, starving dogs

“These dogs were kept in a most horrendous manner, I felt so sorry for them.  If we did not reach them when we did they would have died a slow death”  the General reported.

The owner of the house wanted no involvement in the case and said Inspector Noko should speak to the tenants who are the owners of the dog. He had no number or a phone to call the tenants he spoke of.

Inspector Noko drove from house to house until he finally received the contact number of the tenant.

Anonymous tip-off leads SPCA to the rescue of chained, starving dogs

While the landlord allowed the General to enter the property, the tenant went crazy, demanding the General to leave or else.

The General said, “I am not leaving these animals here in that state”.

Inspector Noko managed to turn the situation around and convinced the owner to surrender the dogs into the care of the SPCA.

The dogs were brought to the Grassy Park facility, where they all received food and water. “It is so sad to watch a starving animal clear a bowl of food in 3.5 seconds”, claims the staff writer who was with the General when he fetched the dogs.

Picture/s: Cape of Good Hope

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