A whale shark washed up on the shores of popular Camps Bay yesterday.

According to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), marine scientists and veterinarians were deployed to evaluate the shark’s condition as soon as it was alerted to the beaching.

“The whale shark carcass on Camps Bay beach washed into the surf at high tide during the night and CoCT solid waste removal were not able to reach the carcass in the wave sets during efforts to remove the carcass for disposal on Sunday morning,” the organization said. “The carcass appears to have lost buoyancy and there is the possibility that it may not wash ashore. If the carcass washes ashore it will be recovered for disposal but failing this it can be expected that natural decomposition will occur at sea.”

A whale shark was discovered on Camps Bay (Source: NSRI)

Another whale shark washed up on Kommetjie Beach earlier this month, which measured five-metres in length.

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Picture: NSRI

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