July has certainly been an eventful month as far as astronomical events are concerned and another exciting occurrence will take place soon. Asteroid 2020 ND is expected to pass by Earth before the month is through.

Classified as a NEO or Near-Earth Object and a PHA or Potentially Hazardous Asteroid by NASA, Asteroid 2020 ND will safely fly by Earth on July 24.

The huge asteroid is estimated to be 160 metres in diameter and is passing by our planet for the sixth time, according to NASA records.

This is not the first time the asteroid is visiting Earth as it often orbits around the sun and comes close to both Earth and Mars every now and then.

Asteroids are simply rocks left over in space following the formation of the solar system, they are most commonly found in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars but are also seen orbiting planets.

NASA estimates that there are roughly 1-million known asteroids. Asteroid 2020 ND will be 5 570 000 km from Earth as it passes by.

Picture: Unsplash

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