Residents in the Atlantic Seaboard area have been warned to be cautious and aware of a scammer in the vicinity. According to JWI.News’ Facebook page, residents need to be on the lookout for a man named “Alex”.

“A masked man is going around ringing doorbells, identifying himself as Alex. He will state that he is the neighbour’s gardener,” JWI.News said. “He will make references to the fact that they are going to cut trees/bushes from next door and that the tree/leaves will fall on your side of the property.”

Once he gains entry to the home, he asks for an electrical lead and steals items when the homeowner goes to fetch it.

Atlantic Seaboard area currently.

A masked man is going around ringing doorbells, identifying himself as…

Posted by JWI.News on Friday, January 15, 2021

“I have chased him out of our area before, all the way down the N2 past Pinelands,” one social media user said. “He is a known con man. Also goes by the name Erik.”

Another social media user alleges that the scammer is also active in Little Mowbray.

“Do not open the door under any circumstances and contact the SAPS on 10111 or your local Armed Response Service,” JWI.News said.

Two weeks ago there was a similar scam in Milnerton.

A woman from Milnerton said a man arrived at her door saying he was cutting the bush on her neighbour’s side and needed to gain access from her garden.

In the post she said: “He was quite insistent that I come outside but luckily I didn’t have the key close by. I then checked with my neighbour and they had no such person working for her. Be careful people.”

The cases are very similar and might even be the same person. Residents must be on the lookout for the scammer and contact police immediately if he approaches you.

Picture: City Scape/Twitter

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