Sixteen-year-old Jordan Moore was found dead on Friday, November 6 in Atlantis.  The teen’s body was found on Rietsanger Avenue at 10.50pm, with bite marks on him.

“The circumstances surrounding the death of a 16-year-old male are under investigation after his body was discovered on Friday night,” said South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson André Traut.

Moore was a student at Robinvale High School, and according to News24, had been visiting a cousin of his at the time of his murder. Moore had reportedly been sitting in a park with his cousin and a friend when two armed men approached them and forced the teens to enter a shebeen to purchase alcohol for them.

The boys were attacked on their way to the shebeen, and Moore’s cousin and friend managed to escape to find help. When they returned, they found Moore beaten and stabbed to death, and a chain around his neck.

The motive for the murder has not yet been established.

Picture: Twitter

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Lucinda Dordley

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