Trainee Animal Welfare Society (AWS) SA Inspector Sivuyile Kilwa almost lost his life in the line of duty on Tuesday, November 3.

He was on his way back from Khayelitsha with a full load of dogs for sterilisation when he noticed a stray dog in very poor condition on the side of the road near the busy Mfuleni/N2 four-way intersection.

He decided to pull over and help the dog when suddenly he was confronted by a gun-wielding hijacker who aimed the gun at his head and demanded the keys to the vehicle.

“Sivuyile weighed up his options and bravely decided not to give in to the hi-jackers hysterical demands,” AWS said in a statement. “He very quickly concluded that he needed to make a quick get-away and in his attempt to avoid being shot collided with the vehicle in front of him.

“Thankfully the vehicle did not stall or sustain major damage allowing him to literally barged his way to safety. Sivuyile serves the most vulnerable and crime ridden parts of the Cape Metro and this year alone has survived two armed hijack attempts.”

According to AWS, Kilwa is a brave and dedicated Inspector who unhesitatingly goes where “angels fear to tread” and also a proud father who has had his life flash before him on more occasions than he cares to remember.

“He will once again receive professional trauma counselling to help him cope with the stress and unavoidable dangers of his job that involves him doing immeasurable good within so many otherwise forsaken and forgotten communities,” AWS concluded.

“Thankfully Sivuyile and his precious cargo made it back alive and for now that’s all that matters.”

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