Images of mutilated baby shark bodies were posted to the Proudly Strandfontein Facebook page.

The pictures show the pile of bodies cut up with their heads and fins missing.

“City Law Enforcement officers were on Sunday morning 15 December at about 09:00, alerted to a large number of fish lying quite high up on the beach at Strandfontein,” said Wayne Dyason, Law Enforcement spokesperson for the City.

“On arrival the officers noticed the heads, dorsal fins and tails of the fish were severed. The fish were identified as a deep water shark species and it was thought to have been dumped there. The circumstances around this incident will be investigated.”

Shark fins are  targets for poachers as they fetch a high price on the black market. Shark fins are used in delicacies overseas.

Image: Proudly Strandfontein/ Facebook

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