A recent call to action has been making waves on social media this week, calling for all beach-goers to head to their local beach and hold a nationwide peaceful protest asking the government to ‘let us back in our ocean’.

The post reads as follows:

“We call on the South African Government to see us, hear us and let us back into our ocean!”

It then goes on to explain how exactly to go about the protest. This includes going to your local beach on Tuesday, May 5 between the times of 8am and 8.30am with your surf board, paddle, or any other beaching gear and line up with a distance of two meters between each person to maintain social distancing regulations.

While the person who originally posted this call to action remains unknown, the post has quickly gone viral on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. It should go without saying that this call to action is not a good idea.

According to surf colleagues in Cape Town “protest action under Alert Level 4 is illegal because it constitutes a ‘gathering’. A concourse can be a gathering even with only two people only”.

“Gatherings must not be encourage as any such would amount to encouraging breaking of the law. Enforcement Officers (traffic officers, SAPS and/or SANDF) cannot police illegality. The protest will not therefore be policed but will be dispersed and those who are recalcitrant will be arrested,” the surf colleagues said.

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