A couple in Paarl narrowly avoided a break-in on their farm thanks to the quick thinking of their security team.

At around 10pm on Thursday, November 26 the farm’s outside perimeter alarm alerted the couple to an intrusion. The camera system revealed that three culprits wearing balaclavas were trying to gain entry into their home.

The couple, who are Drakenstein Farm Watch (DFW) members, immediately alerted the DFW group and on duty Armed Response Officer M Farmer rushed to the scene as fellow team members got ready to respond.

Nearby farmers were told to be alert and on the lookout for the robbers. As the response team approached, the noise and sight of their vehicle scared off the culprits.

“The rural area of Paarl, over the last year had several attacks, but luckily nobody got injured due to the fast and massive response of the DFW armed response group and Fidelity Adt armed response officers, who all are connected by radio to the DFW emergency control room,” said DFW in a statement on Facebook.

Picture: Screenshot from video

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