The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) does invaluable work for the seabird population of the country, and places a special emphasis reversing the decline of seabird populations. This foundation rescues and rehabilitates injured, abandoned and ill seabirds, and works tirelessly to do so.

SANCCOB collects sick and injured birds after being notified by the public, but unfortunately, they now struggle with the care of these birds as they currently do not have enough interns to help with the workload.

You can make a change in the lives of birds across South Africa’s coasts by contributing to the good SANCCOB does for these feathered friends and becoming an intern.

Chippy-Goodwill arrives at the Two Oceans Aquarium (Source: Two Oceans Aquarium)

Recently, SANCCOB admitted a rare white African penguin chick. These chicks are usually grey or black in color, and SANCCOB suspects that this chick may be related to a white penguin that was rehabilitated with the conservationists a few years ago.

One of the Two Oceans Aquarium’s penguins, a Northern Rockhopper named Chippy-Goodwill, was hand reared by SANCCOB. Today Chippy-Goodwill can be seen with his sisters, Miss Harold Custard and Clax, at the Two Oceans Aquarium’s Penguin Exhibit.


Thank you to Jennifer van Niekerk for launching her ‘I Ride 4 SANCCOB’ fundraising campaign on @givengainfoundation ! She’ll be pedaling for penguins by cycling 500km/month to help raise funds for SANCCOB’s new seabird hospital ?Head to our Facebook page to find out how you can support Jennifer build a better future for African penguins, or how you can start your own fundraising campaign for SANCCOB ??? #build4penguins #donateabrick #seabirdhospital #africanpenguin #endangeredspecies #southafrica #marineconservation

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If you would like to help and become a six-month intern for SANCCOB, apply on [email protected]

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