Well-known cook and author, Florence Schrikker (67) – affectionately known as Aunty Flori – from Bonteheuwel, has died.

“Aunty Flori commonly known to all was a Bonteheuwel stalwart and hero who will be sorely missed for her amazing heart, giving nature and amazing dishes she cooked. A few months ago her partner Aunty Kulsum Kamalie passed,” said Ward Councillor Angus Mckenzie.

“As a community we are comforted by the fact that they will be serving the heavens with some of the best cuisines. Aunty Flori passing is a huge shock to the community and in our sadness we want to thank her family for sharing her, her talents and her love with each and everyone of us.”

Schrikker was part of local cooking show duo, “Flori en Koelsoem se Kosse” with her partner Koelsoem Kamalie. They also published popular cookbooks like “Kook Saam Kaaps”.

The cause of her death is believed to be due to complications of a heart bypass surgery.

Picture: Facebook

Article written by

Anita Froneman