Billionaire Rob Hersov plans to build the “Lanseria Airport of Cape Town”.

Where will this airport be situated, you may ask? Just 14 kilometers northeast of Durbanville, at the Fisantekraal Airport. This airport has been around since the 1940s and is 150 hectares large.

The Fisantekraal Airport first featured four runways. While all are still visible from overhead, only two are currently in use. According to reports by Moneyweb, the airfield was transferred to the local municipality in the 1960s and sold to a private owner in 1993.

Hersov pals to rename it to the “Cape Winelands Airport” and hopes it will compete with Cape Town International Airport.

As it is “conveniently located approximately half-way between the Cape Town CBD and Paarl”, Hersov believes it is the best site to launch Cape Town’s second commercial airport.

Picture: Fisantekraal Airport

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