Minister of Education Debbie Schafer said that the Western Cape government will keep track of the ongoing investigation into an incident of alleged rape at Bishops Diocesan College. 

A video circulated on social media showed what looks like one learner sexually assaulting another while the person taking the video can be heard laughing. It later came out that the whole incident was a “prank”, and that the student was not raped at all, according to the Independent Schools’ Association of Southern Africa as reported by IOL.

Schafer said: “I trust it will be fully investigated as a matter of urgency. These allegations, if true, are a disgrace and harsh action must be taken against anyone involved, including those filming and egging the actions on, as well as anyone distributing such material. If the allegations are not correct, it is similarly disturbing.”

“The filming and distribution of such material cannot be condoned. I am extremely distressed by this. Notwithstanding that it is an independent school, our Head of Department has been in touch with the principal and we will be keeping tabs on the investigation, its outcome and appropriate actions taken,” she added.

The school said it is taking the matter extremely seriously.  “Where the conduct of our learners is inappropriate or amounts to a serious charge of misconduct the school will not hesitate to act immediately,” said Bishops to the Weekend Argus.

“We therefore urge all involved to treat social media claims with caution and sensitivity until the truth and accuracy of the incident is determined,” Bishops added.

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