Black Coffee and The Silo Hotel have been subject to much social media backlash after videos recently started circulating, showing the DJ playing at a packed gig hosted at the hotel.

The videos, shared to Twitter, show Black Coffee spinning tunes to a crowd at The Silo Hotel while patrons do not seem to be adhering to social distancing measures or wearing masks.

“I’m looking at IG stories and watching what looks like a Black Coffee gig happening at the Silo Hotel with not a single mask in sight and I’m wondering if Cape Town wants a third wave because that is how you get a third wave,” @2frost2furious tweeted.

The Tweets emerged on March 14, and social media users believe that this event may become a super spreader, similar to the Tin Roof incident in 2020.

This is not the first time performers have come under fire for performing to large maskless crowds. In December 2020, GoodLuck performed at La Parada in Constantia Nek and video footage showed partygoers crammed into the location and dancing alongside one another, with very few wearing masks or social distancing.

Picture: Screenshot from Tweet

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