Protests currently underway in Blackheath have resulted in several road closures to ensure the safety of motorists.

The roads closed include Wimbledon Road between Range and Buttskop roads, as well as Eersteriver Way northbound towards Hindle Road.

According to City of Cape Town officials, South African Police Services, Metro Police and Traffic Service officers are on the scene, and Law Enforcement officers are en route.

It is not yet clear why the protests erupted, but the City reports that MyCity staff, along with the Transport Management Centre (TMC), are currently “communicating with drivers”.

“Routes D01, D02, D03, and D04 delayed, due to ongoing protesting preventing buses to be dispatched,” MyCiti’s official Twitter page read this morning.

In a separate incident on Friday, tragedy befell the Dennemere neighbourhood of Blackheath when a little boy fell into a drain. The little boy reportedly fell into the drain near Blackheath Primary School when he ran ahead of his father during a walk.

His father tried to save him from the drain, but to no avail. When emergency workers entered the sewer line to rescue the child, his lifeless body was discovered.

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