Illegal dumping is an issue that has increased in frequency in the Bonteheuwel area. While the City of Cape Town’s Waste Management Services cleans the area on a weekly basis, it is not long before illegal dumpers arrive and sully the just-cleaned area once again.

According to City Council Member and Ward Councillor for Bonteheuwel, Angus McKenzi, it is the area’s residents who worsen the problem.

“Now while some will blame the City or even the Councillor, is the real culprit and the one that should be blamed not the perpetrator of this?” he said. “The City didn’t dump and block your sewerage, your neighbour, friend and fellow Community member did.”

McKenzi added that a number of fines have been issued to perpetrators caught illegally dumping, and these range between R5000 and R15 000.

“We have been able to issue a number of fines for illegal dumping in Bonteheuwel as well as confiscate vehicles used in the action of dumping,” he said. “This action has been boosted by the Community making use of our localised tip service that I offer. In this regard, residents are providing me with live pictures and videos of dumping taking place and I am then able to immediately deploy law enforcement to address.

“We have also identified that many residents are actually to blame as they pay tik addicts up to R20 to take their dump which is then generally dumped on the nearest open field or area,” he added.

Those in the area who witness illegal dumping are encouraged to call 0214807700 to report it.
Picture: Supplied/Angus McKenzi

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