Waiting in long queues to apply for your licence is something no one enjoys, but is a necessity. Thanks to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), you will no longer have to sacrifice an entire day waiting in line, as they are testing a new online booking platform for South Africans to book for their driver’s licences.

“Waiting in long queues will soon be a thing of the past,” the RTMC said. “The new system will give power to prospective learner licence and driving licence applicants to determine the date, time and place where they wish to take their tests by logging on an online application and finalise pre-bookings in five to 10 minutes. The system will also be available to those wishing to renew their driving licence cards.”

According to RTMC, it currently takes an applicant an average of between 140-180 minutes to queue at a testing station.

“This process is also fraught with corruption as officials at the licencing centres have an incentive to withhold available bookings for lucrative payments from willing applicants,” RTMC added. “When it is launched later this month, the solution will benefit the public by promoting efficient service delivery, removing barriers to access, eliminating fraud and corruption, and optimising business operations.”

Although the new online system has been implemented only in Gauteng, it will gradually be rolled out across the country, ensuring that all South Africans are able to make use of the platform.

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